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This meet up about how real time streaming analytics fits into a big data architecture, when stream processing makes sense, and what technologies and products you can choose from.

This meet up is geared to discuss the following:

a) Data capturing methodologies (both realtime and batch) that includes capturing changes from database transaction logs (CDC), messaging systems, Kafka, Hadoop, files, IOTs

b) Realtime and In memory analytics - using continuous query processing system, windowing, caching, aggregating the data. Also covers data distribution
across various nodes and clustering across the nodes for the optimal data distribution

c) Data delivery - Cloud (AWS, Azure and Google), Databases , Kafka , NoSQL, Hadoop, IOTs

d) Solving uses cases - from fraud detection, on premise data migration for cloud analytics , transaction monitoring system, enterprise data bus, IOT tracking system, edge analytics etc

e) Realtime analytics - application life cycle

This meet up is mainly for software engineers, data scientists, application developers and CTO of the organization who wants to know and build realtime streaming analytical application using latest trend in the industry.

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Future Data = IOT + Cloud + Enterprise Data

Regus office, 6th floor Chennai Citi Center

Enterprise Data and Various Real-time Streaming Techniques

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