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Reason Dojo December
Hey Reasonauts! We are doing another Reason-Dojo to get more practical experience with Reason again! == How does it work? == - We are providing some appropriate tasks and exercises to work on in ReasonML & ReasonReact - Depending on the number of attendees, we form up groups of 3-4 people - Every group is working on one computer - One person is sitting at the keyboard (called the "driver"), the others are telling the driver what to do / giving directions - Every 15-20 min, roles are being switched and another person is doing the coding This method is called "mob-programming" and proved to be very effective to learn new stuff. The idea is to bring ideas from many brains into the fingertips of one driver, developing the direct link between the thinking process and the actual coding in the editor. == Our Sponsors == We don't have a sponsor yet. Get in touch if you are interested in sponsoring us!

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