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2. Reason Hacktogether (every 2nd week)

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Hey ReasonML enthusiasts!

Since we need a better feel for the language and also need to find more topics for our formal meetups, we will organize regular hacking evenings every second week, where we just sit together and code on interesting projects.

Everyone is welcome, especially newcomers!

We will try to set up a twitch stream as well, so people can join remotely (it will be harder to collaborate though).

Topic ideas for this week:

1) Converting JavaScript code to Reason (Jeason)

The idea is to get JavaScript code converted to Reason, firstly by doing manual conversions of JS syntax and later on try to do the automated process with a tool called jeason.

Some Resources:

2) Building the ReasonVienna homepage w/ React-Reason:

We would like to have a cool homepage, to give access to following information:

• Upcoming events & slots for talk submissions (should be done with github PRs)

• An area for useful resources / information about ReasonML

• An area for showing information about the meetup group and its members

What we need:

- Creative minds, maybe someone who has some experience with Sketchapp

- Coders to work with Reason of course :-)

3) Your idea?

We are pretty much open for everything. Starting from tooling or AST parsing up to UI building or just bikeshedding on the Reason syntax.

We are excited and really motivated about this and we hope you are as well :-)

The ReasonVienna Mafia