What we're about

If you are passionate about reasoning, and enjoy reasoning about your passions, then this is the group for you.

The aim of this meetup group is to promote reason and rationality but while embracing our shared human nature. We will explore those topics that are of the greatest consequence to the world, and the humans (and other animals) in it.

For now, the venue will be the Windsor Castle bar in Ponsonby and the format will be an event every few months where we will invite a speaker on a “topic of consequence” usually followed by a Q&A and some casual conversation and a few drinks.

The ideal members of this group would be people interested in stimulating and intellectual thought and discourse and who enjoy socialising with other like-minded souls.

The only rule around attendance is:

If you don’t like your beliefs to be questioned and get upset when that happens, then this might not be the group for you.

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