Exploring Reason's FFI + small bindings workshop



On this May edition we'll go over the way Reason interacts with JavaScript and how you can use Bucklescript to do it.

We'll also have a small bindings workshop afterwards, so bring your computer along for some extra credits! :)
(make sure you have reason set up on your computer and integrated with your favorite editor: https://reasonml.github.io/docs/en/quickstart-javascript.html and https://reasonml.github.io/docs/en/editor-plugins.html)

Title: Exploring Reason’s Interop with JavaScript
Desc: In this talk, we explore Bucklescript's Interop System. While the Bucklescript documentation describes the various operators and some of the design decisions, this talk will follow an example-oriented approach where we write bindings for a JavaScript API and create a small Reason demo that leverages this JS API. In the end, we'll also take a look at how the reverse operation can be performed — using a Reason library from JavaScript.

DAVID GOMES: https://twitter.com/davidrfgomes

As usual, pizza and beer will be provided 😎

Location YLD! - Rua Ramalho Ortigão 8, 3.º ESQ.