What we're about

Our chapter is a place for people to come together and explore the evidence for the existence of God and the truth of Biblical Christianity.

We welcome and encourage both Christians and skeptics alike to join us on the first and third Tuesday of every month, starting February 4th.

Each session will focus on a a particular topic - which you’ll find listed in our events section - with an interactive presentation, snacks and beverages, and lots of open, lively discussion. You’re encouraged to ask any question, raise any objection, or simply hang out and listen.

Our local Cary chapter represents the Reasonable Faith ministry of Christian philosopher, theologian, and apologist Dr. William Lane Craig. We seek to fulfill the following three-fold mission whenever we meet:

1. To provide an articulate, intelligent voice for Biblical Christianity in the public arena
2. To engage unbelievers with reasons to accept Biblical Christianity
3. To train Christians to state and defend Christian truth claims with greater effectiveness

Examples of key topics we’ll be covering include things like:

- The existence of God •
- The meaning of life
- The objectivity of truth
- The foundation of moral values
- The creation of the universe
- Intelligent design
- The reliability of the gospels
- The uniqueness of Jesus
- The historicity of the resurrection
- The challenge of religious pluralism

Come join us on February 4th. Invite a friend, and tell them to bring their questions.

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