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For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth. ~Sanskrit Proverb

If you would like to participate in a community of support, cooperation, and sharing and be kept current on Rebirthing Breathwork in the NYC area please join this group.

Monthly Breathing Meditation Group, 'Breath Cafe' Healing Arts seminars, events and guest speakers and training opportunities..

blessings, Peace - RebirthingNYC.com - RebirthingNYC@gmail.com

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Viewing of Birth As We Know It
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

'In this stunningly beautiful feature titled “Birth As We Know It” (1hr, 15 minutes), Director Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova shares her experiences as one of the co-creators of the “Conscious Birth” movement in Russia during the early 1980's.' http://www.birthasweknowit.com/ I have the full and abridged versions with me and would like to create the opportunity for anyone interested in seeing this to do so. Rebirthing Breathwork was a key element in the original water birth preparations at the Black Sea. If anyone would like to host a viewing in their home, let me know. Blessings, Peace

Money and the Five Biggies - audio seminar by Leonard Orr

This seminar is recorded on 2 CD's which I have. I would like to offer the opportunity to come together and listen to this seminar together followed by sharing circle. We need a date, time and location for this. If you are interested in participating in this let set it up. Peace ~'~ www.RebirthingNYC.com

Tarot for Rebirthers..
Needs a date and time

Skype with Peace

Email Peace to Join a Skype Meetup. Scheduling in progress.. [masked] Using images as a conscious entry into unsconscious mind.. Tarot for Rebirthers explores Personal Laws and Personal Lies and illuminates The Path of Self-Realization through intuitive vision The Tarot is a book of 78 Illustrations printed on individual cards rather than bound together. Each illustration acts as a window into our intuitive, subconscious mind facilitating communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. The possibilities are endless offering expanded potential and opportunity to shift the unconscious programs running our lives. Join Peace on Skype to explore "Personal Law/Personal Lies and chronic emotional states through the window of these '78 Keys to Wisdom' as Rachael Pollack calls them.. We can meet ivia SKYPE or in person in Inwood, Manhattan. If someone has a space in the tri-state area, with easy parking, and would like to put a group together we could meet there..

Tarot de Marseille workshops in Staten Island with fellow Rebirther, Chris Ganes

Fellow Taroist and Rebirther Chris Gage will be coming to NYC offering workshops on Tarot de Marseille. This is a great way for the tarot and rebirthing community to Meetup and grow.. details for these workshops can be found in the link below.. let me know if you are going for any of these. If my schedule allows I would like to attend at least one.. Peace [masked] http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=df14aacfb87661d54eeed7e91&id=f17e580d38

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