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Grassroots Progressive Political Activism

We are a people-led movement devoted to fighting for a fair economy and a just society. We combine the traditional tools of community organizing with direct lobbying and electoral politics in order to shape legislation, elect progressive candidates, and remove elected officials who serve the interests of the 1%. Large corporations and big-money interests have gained control of our elected officials and government. Our goal is to reclaim our towns, counties, and state governments from the grip of corporate interests and the excessively wealthy. It is time to reclaim our government and transform it into one that puts people and planet before profit.

Despite the presidential election, Cook County enjoyed some solid victories! The People's Lobby and Reclaim Chicago were instrumental in initiating a review process for all police shootings in Illinois, raising the county-wide minimum wage, completing ~65% of the canvassing for Kim Foxx, decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of cannabis, and winning ten aldermanic races including 3 new city council members among other victories. We're bringing this winning strategy to the suburbs and need your help!


The People's Lobby (http://www.thepeopleslobbyusa.org/)

Reclaim Chicago (http://www.reclaimchicago.org/platform/)

People's Action (http://peoplesaction.org/)

Represent Us (https://represent.us/)

Check these out:

Illinois Environmental Council (http://ilenviro.org/take-action/)

Illinois Student Access Bill (https://actionnetwork.org/letters/support-the-illinois-student-access-bill)

The People and Planet First Budget (http://www.faireconomyillinois.org/people-and-planet-first-budget-for-illinois/)

The Anti-Corruption Act (http://anticorruptionact.org/)

microaction (http://microaction.us/)

Indivisible Guide (https://www.indivisibleguide.com/)

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5 research steps we can take together (Thanks Indivisible!)
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Indivisible has a really comprehensive guide with great ideas for how to engage politically. Let’s use an excerpt from the guide (below) to kickoff our work.
https://static1.squar... (https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5855a354cd0f68bab2089b40/t/588eaa1ebebafb2132666bcd/1485744745727/IndivisibleGuide_2017-01-29_v8.pdf)

"Most of you have three Members of Congress (MoCs) — two Senators and one Representative. Whether you like it or not, they are your voices in Washington. Your job is to make sure they are, in fact, speaking for you.

Begin with these five steps to gather intel. Before anything else, take the following five steps to arm yourself with information necessary for all future advocacy activities.

1. Find your three MoCs, their official websites, and their office contact info at www.callmycongress.com.

2. Sign up on your MoCs’ websites to receive regular email updates, invites to local events, and propaganda to understand what they’re saying. Every MoC has an e-newsletter.

3. Find out where your MoCs stand on the issues of the day — appointment of white supremacists, tax cuts for the rich, etc. Review their voting history at VoteSmart. org. Research their biggest campaign contributors at OpenSecrets.org.

4. Set up a Google News Alert (http://www.google.com... (http://www.google.com/alerts)) — for example for “Rep. Bob Smith” — to receive an email whenever your MoCs are in the news.

5. Research on Google News (https://news.google.c... (https://news.google.com/news)) what local reporters have written about your MoCs. Find and follow those reporters on Twitter, and build relationships. Before you attend or plan an event, reach out and explain why your group is protesting, and provide them with background materials and a quote. Journalists on deadline — even those who might not agree with you — appreciate when you provide easy material for a story."

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