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Perhaps you've heard the term middle age. Maybe you've finally realized you're part of it (and vomited a little in your mouth when you accepted that yes, this is you). And maybe you're feeling a tad lost as it seems like your life is kinda unraveling.

Do you struggle with just who it is you are in your life right now? Do you find yourself longing for something? Craving for more: confidence, joy and connection? Do you have literally zero ideas how to get any of that?

Do you struggle with juggling all that you have to do and not feeling as turned on by any of it anymore? Do you have teens at home that are pushing every last button? Has your job become a soul-sucking time waster? Is your marriage fizzling? Or maybe nothing is terribly wrong, but nothing is spectacularly right either...

If you relate to any of that you are in the right place.

This group is for women who are 40's and 50's and are thinking: what's next?, is this it?, I want more, or I'm not even sure who I am anymore. This is a meetup for women who want to be real, open, and are ready to really connect with other women who feel the same way. This is a group where you can come to laugh, swear, and sometimes ugly cry. This is where you feel the weight of it all, share it, know you're not alone, and take off that monster backpack of burdens. This is the place to find your tribe!

I'm Sam, and I am 48, a single mom, entrepreneur, teacher, artist, and Certified Professional Coach. I created this group to network, teach, learn from, support, be supported by, and laugh with other women like me.
Together we will connect monthly and find other women who are traveling the same journey.

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In the Darkness there is a LIGHT: connection and belonging.

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