Reclaim NW Suburbs Visioning Forum: Listening to the Community Speak

This is a past event

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Reclaim NW Suburbs will be holding a visioning meeting open to all community members to discuss what issues are important to them, and what issues they would like to see their local government address. There will also be discussion on how to best approach making change in their communities. The discussion can be around all kinds of topics, including public education, transportation, jobs and wages, health and fitness, medical care, housing, child care, elder care, care for people with disabilities, accessibility, food and supplies availability, the environment, recreation, the list goes on and on.

What would make life easier in your town?
How could living in your town be better for your family?
What aspect of life is a challenge in your suburb?
What would be a dream improvement in your daily life?
How could your family's life be improved where you live?

Reclaim NW Suburbs has a local focus with the emphasis being on people powered grassroots organizing. We've made progress, let's keep the momentum building! Let's keep talking and make a stand for our shared values!