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Gaia is the divine feminine in all her aspects, prior to the process of fragmentation that resulted in all the various goddesses to represent her different parts. Her main shrine on earth was Delphi before Apollo took over, slaying Python, Gaia’s protector of the shrine; a place that was also known as the ‘navel of the world’. After that, Apollo appointed women priestesses called Pythia whose role it was to foretell the future, and then their words would be translated by hierophants before being disseminated to the world.

In other words, Delphi switched from the place for earth goddess worship, to a place where connection to the divine was mediated by others and then controlled by men.

Something important is happening now.

There is evidence that the feminine is once again reclaiming Delphi; that she is taking back her power and stepping fully into it. I am surrounded by women who are waking up; who are recognising their skills and talents, their passions, their wisdom and their strength. Reclaiming Delphi is a space that has been created for the divine feminine in both men and women all over the globe to share, connect and garner support.

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Reclaiming Delphi is the joint effort of Gillian Alexander and Amy Palko, both of whom are passionate about the rekindling of goddess consciousness in contemporary society. Through the playshops of The Goddess Year, the Priestess Circles and the Red Tent, Gillian and Amy provide a number of different ways to engage with your experience of goddess energy and your role as priestess.

We are based in central Scotland with the majority of our workshops and circles taking place in Glasgow and Edinburgh. If you are interested in attending one of our events, you can add yourself as a member of the Reclaiming Delphi meetup page and send us an rsvp. If you are interested in all the latest Reclaiming Delphi news and to keep informed of all our upcoming events, you can do so through our FaceBook page (http://www.facebook.com/ReclaimingDelphi).

Also please check out the discussions on the message board (under the 'discussions' tab), and please contribute to these.

We very much look forward to working, playing and sharing with you.

Please read the 'Group Intentions and Guidelines' before applying to be a member as this is what forms the foundations of sacred space for the group. Click on the small link bottom left in this box - "Learn more about this Meetup Group".

(a small note - this group has been created from the ashes of a law of attraction group - hence the fact that there are previous meetings and comments that do not relate to this group)

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Step into Your Goddess Self Playshop - A Day for Women

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November Women's circle (Prestwick)

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November Priestess Circle

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October Priestess Circle

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