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This group is for two kinds of people.
1: Those that have left religion and are looking for support and a new community to help replace the one they lost.
2: Those that are having serious doubts about their faith, and are genuinely open to learn about how to live life without believing in a god.

This group is open to people from any religious background. Ex-christian, ex-mormon, ex-muslim, ex-hindu, ex-buddhist etc etc. It's a place to develop new friendships and discuss the struggles in losing religious belief. Its a place for "closet atheists" to find encouragement and friendship. It's also a place to help build a new foundation of truth and belief without needing a god, to replace the void left by religion.

This group will be reasonably in-formal and discussion will lead where it does. If you're new to the group we may ask you to share your testimony of where you've come from and where you're at right now.

This group is for:
People of all ages who are honest, caring and respectful. Those that value critical thinking, logic and reason. It's for people who respect and genuinely listen to other peoples views. Your views may also be challenged and you have to be ok with that. It's for people who honestly value and seek truth, where ever that may lead.

This group is NOT for:

People who have no evidence to back up there claim. Those that are closed minded, or for people who want to force their views onto others. It's not for people to speak down to or belittle others.

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