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Session: Leaving the Cult

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This is our monthly meeting at which you can share your stories and hear stories from others who are just like you.

We don't allow preaching. This is about your personal journey and how you're living it.

We'll talk about mostly anything that is of a concern for you. We have a few basic topics, but we're not limited to the following:

How has religion hurt you? How has religion hurt someone you love or is close to you? How has your life improved since letting go of religion? We encourage you to support the business at which we are meeting by purchasing something, but that's not required.

We hope to see you there!


Your GPS will fib to you. The Fair Trade is on the north west corner of Roosevelt and 1st Avenue. There's a parking structure just behind the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. It's also right across the street from the big happy Humanist-like statue near the light rail station.

If you're going south on Central, keep going until you reach Roosevelt and turn right. There's a little street just after the church, turn right and then take the next right. The parking structure entrance is the first left after that.