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Red Ball Theater was founded to create a community for people in Budapest to come together and have fun, learn communication skills and grow as people.

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Free Communication Workshop: Five Lessons from Presidential Debates

If Donald Trump can be President, what could you be with the right tools? The quality of our leaders are changing. From intellectual giants towards authoritarian strong-men, this global trend is not isolated by culture or region. If we want smarter leaders, let us understand why this changed occurred from the perspective it matters most: mass media and communication. Drawing on examples from Trump to Clinton back to JFK and Nixon we uncover five lessons on human communication that are necessary for each leader to rise in the 21st century. From body-language to frame control to "high energy" and emotional vulnerability we discuss what it means to be a leader and how we can train ourselves with simple skills to allow us to rise. -----The Five Lessons---- 1. Jfk/Nixon: TV Changes the Game 2. Clinton/Bush: Be Vulnerable and Empathetic 3. Gore/Bush: The Pitfalls of Arrogance 4. Obama/Romney: Take your Happy Pills 5. Trump/Clinton: Never lose Frame -----About the Speaker---- The night of the first debate in October 2012, Peter Mezey decided to leave his life as a mathematician in America behind and become a communication expert in Europe, founding Red Ball Theater in Budapest as his flagship. He has trained hundreds of students from artists to tech leaders to Corporate Executives and even prisoners, finding these communication rules to be as universal as they are simple to learn. Famous for making complicated topics easy to understand, this two hour interactive lecture will give you a firm understanding of body language, speech structure and how to command authority. This is a workshop on communication and psychology, and participants are asked to stay off of direct political discussion. Any participant deemed to be disruptive to the class may be removed at the organizer’s discretion. -----Details----- FREE Event - donations warmly accepted. All of our workshops are interactive and social so you can come alone and leave together! Monday 21 January, 7PM @ House Bar (Nagymezo 40) Part of our communication series in Authority, Storytelling and Vulnerability. For more info join our mail-list at www.englishimprov.hu https://www.facebook.com/events/328640431073336

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