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Are you a person who loves exploring and adventure? So do weeeeeeee! Do you enjoy being outdoors, meeting new people and making new friends? So do weeeeeeee!

This group is open to anyone who wants to get out and have fun with an awesome bunch of people and meet like-minded individuals who love the beauty and adventure this country has to offer. Whether its backpacking, hiking, kayaking, mountaineering, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, camping, trail running/walking – you name it, we play it!



Red Deer Outdoor Adventure and Social Group (“ROAG”) is a group of persons who share an interest in the pursuit of outdoor recreational activities (“Members”). Members include Organizers, co-Organizers, Event Hosts and any other designation or classification of membership within ROAG. Recreational activities that are posted on the ROAG platform include, but are not limited to, travel to and hiking in various locations, often in mountainous regions at high elevations, in unpredictable and inclement terrain and weather, with extreme variations in weather conditions and terrain, falling rock, toxic flora and fauna, avalanches, equipment and gear failures, and amid insects, animals and wildlife (“Events”).

Participation in an Event may involve inherent risks, dangers and or hazards which may cause personal injury, sickness, disability or death, and may cause property damage or loss to participants. Some Events occur in remote places where there are no available medical facilities and emergency evacuation may be limited, distant and time-consuming, or unavailable.

Events are not guided by Members or non-Members. Neither ROAG nor its Members or non-Members represent that they have any specialized training or skills related to or that would facilitate Events, wilderness safety, first aid or survival. ROAG, its Members and non-Members are not professional leaders, guides, licensed first aid attendants or medically trained. ROAG, its Members and non-Members are not responsible to any Member or non-Member for his or her safety, or for the real or potential risks, dangers and or hazards associated with participation in any Events.

Members and non-Members must inform themselves of and accept complete responsibility for any and all potential and or real risks, dangers and hazards associated with the participation in any Event posted on the ROAG platform, and prepare themselves for each Event they wish to attend. Members and non-Members have no control over and assume no responsibility for the actions or safety of any other Members or non-Members other than themselves.

Members and non-Members are individually responsible for verifying that they are the age of majority, in good health, properly clothed and equipped, and physically capable of safely participating in any Event posted on the ROAG platform. Members and non-Members who deviate from the group consensus or decide to leave the group of Members and non-Members during an Event bear the sole responsibility for the increased real or potential risks, dangers, hazards and consequences they may encounter.

Participation in an Event posted by a Member is free and voluntary. In consideration of being allowed to participate in ROAG Events, Members and non-Members, their heirs, executors, administrators, trustees, successors and assignees, waive any and all liability, demands, claims, actions, damages, costs and expense for any injury, disability, sickness, death, or property damage or loss they may have against ROAG, Members and non-Members, in relation to, during, arising out of or in connection with any Event. By joining ROAG, or attending any Event posted on the ROAG platform, all Members and non-Members acknowledge, understand and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein absent a written signature.

Any Member who displays reckless, careless and or negligent behaviour, a lack of regard and or consideration for the safety and or well-being for themselves and or other Members or non-Members, causes concern for or jeopardizes his or her own safety or the safety of any Member or non-Member during an Event, will immediately be removed as a Member from ROAG and barred from participating in any further Events.

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