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Incremental Enterprise Application Development with JBoss Forge and Arquillian

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A common complaint you hear a lot about Java development is that it is quite a burden to get started. For a newbie, it takes a lot of knowledge and effort to even put the simplest JSF application to work. A second element that bothers a lot of people is that it is very difficult to verify that your enterprise components actually do what they are supposed to do. Even for seasoned enterprise developers integration testing can be a huge challenge.

Luckily two recent additions to the JBoss toolset come to the rescue. Arquillian is a container-oriented testing framework built on TestNG and JUnit. It takes down the barrier of bootstrapping the necessary infrastructure when trying to perform integration tests. It lets you test your components in their real target runtime environment using real enterprise services. Secondly, JBoss Forge is an incremental enhancement tool that lets you take an existing Java project and safely add in new functionality. Whether you want to set up JSF, use persistence or enable integration testing with Arquillian, it all becomes a real breeze.

Attend this session to learn how to take advantage of both these tools. You will see how they can be used to rapidly create, test and deploy enterprise Java applications. In addition, I will show how you can extend the functionality of JBoss Forge by creating plugins.

Koen Aers is currently driving the Eclipse integration of the JBoss Forge project. Before that he was responsible for the Eclipse support and the different workflow editors of the jBPM project.

Koen graduated as a Civil Engineer from the Belgian Royal Military Academy and obtained an additional Master's Degree in Information Technology at the Brussels Free University. Before joining JBoss, he worked respectively in the IT department of the Belgian Army and as a software consultant. Koen is a regular speaker at public events and conferences.

We'll start around 6pm. with dinner provided by Xebia. So don't worry if you're coming in a bit later. Around 7pm. we'll start with the presentation.

FYI: If you want, you can bring your own laptop and we'll make it a hands on session.