What we're about

This is the Red Hat "meetup" community in Oslo Norway. Ours is a moderated community sponsored by Red Hat and it's local partners.

Our community is composed of high caliber IT professionals in the fields of infrastructure and operations, application development and IT architecture.

Meetups are arranged every 3 months to with an aim to share experiences, learn about new technologies and network in our peer groups.

Our members are passionate about quality open source at work, and like to learn about innovative new projects to stay one step ahead in their fields.

Are you one of us? If so, welcome to Red Hat Norway.

Previous meetups: https://vimeo.com/redhatoslo/

IRC Channel: Irc.Freenode.net #RedHatNorway

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Red Hat OpenShift 4 Meetup


Redhat Forum 2019

Oslo Kongressenter

Red Hat Forum Oslo, Norway 2018

Felix konferansesenter

Red Hat Forum Oslo, Norway 2017

Felix konferansesenter

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