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[S. Austin] Werewolves of the Dark Arts, February 13th

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Werewolves of the Dark Arts is a variant of the social party game 'Mafia'. You'll get a card and it will have an identity on it. You know yours, but not anyone else's. Your goal is either to eliminate the Werewolves, or stay alive / help the Werewolves stay alive until they can take the village by force.

Werewolf is a great social experience, a fun way to meet new people, and even to improve your social skills by better understanding how to read other people.

I, Tobias Amaranth, am the creator of this version of the game, and if you'd like to learn more, please visit for more information on the game. I recommend this for any first timers.


This event listing is for the February gathering of WotDA, hosted at Whose Turn Is It Games. We meet up in the secondary gaming space, look for the circle of people in chairs. Please try and arrive as early as possible. I plan on starting the first round at around 6:45-7:00, or at 20 people. Depending on the size of a group, a round can last an hour or more.

There will be an overflow / secondary game circle in the very back. If you show up late where a game is in progress, or if you die early and have no interest in watching the outcome of the round, we plan to keep you entertained.

I will be out of town, so there will be no sound system, or, well, me. I wish you all the best of luck with your games. I'm sure someone will have a copy of it. Let me know how it turns out, guys? :)