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Let's dive right into it and make/talk/learn about games!
• What we'll do This will be a pretty open-ended, relaxing meetup group! No skill levels expected. For people who want to start on a game project as a group but don't have a team, I'd like to facilitate discussions to see if we can come together and make something awesome. Otherwise, for those who just want to find playtesters, work on their own stuff or even would like help tackling a pesky bug, this meetup is for you too. • What to bring Whatever you're working on at the moment! If you're just looking to get started in game development, I'd suggest bringing a laptop with Unity installed; that's the easiest way we can get you up and running. • We now have a Slack group Go to: to sign up. • Important to know The location of this meetup is Soul Food Cafe in Redmond. If you can, it's polite to buy a drink or something while we meet.

Soul Food Coffee House

15748 Redmond Way · Redmond, WA

What we're about

3/7/2018 (We now have a facebook group!) (

Although there's no shortage of gamedev groups in Seattle, I'm starting this one for those of us on the Eastside who'd like to stay a little closer to home in the winter!

Let's get together for:

* Working on game projects/art, whether it be your own solo one or a project we start as a team!

* Game playtesting! It can be difficult to find a good source of play-testers as an Indie dev, and this will be a great opportunity to bounce ideas with other game developers.

* Learning! Whether it be Unity or Unreal, C++ or Python! Everyone is welcome, whether you are a game developer or someone who hasn't done coding but are interested in taking the plunge.

* Team building! Game development can be extremely intimidating if you're by yourself. Come find a team of people that share your vision and have 1,000,000x more fun!

* Social! This will be a smaller meetup group (~100 active people at most). The limit is here for no reason other than to encourage REAL friendships and connections between people interested in game dev and to create a non-intimidating environment for the introverts amongst us. After all, if you want to break the Seattle Freeze, why not do so over a prototype of that first-person shooter you're making?

So, if you'd like to:

* Have a friendly, relaxed environment for working on games.
* Learn about game development.
* Find a team of like-minded friends that go beyond casual hang-outs (and who knows, you might make the next Minecraft!).
* Find playtesters.

Then, this is the meetup for you!

Looking forwards to meeting everyone!

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