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Virtual Introduction to Python (Free! Beginners welcome!)

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It's time for a virtual Introduction to Python course! Anyone is welcome to attend and join for free! All you need is an internet connection and your own computer as we'll be doing most of the coding in a web browser! Here's what we'll *try* to cover in the two hours:

1. How to set up Python (sort of!) - Installation on different machine and where you can go to get it. But for the course, we'll be using a web browser based tool that lets us get started right away.
2. Python math, basic data types, variables, string manipulation
3. Booleans, functions, and flow control
4. Arrays and dictionaries
5. Working with "The Cloud"!

Please sign up in advance here for more details and to get a pre-event preparation checklist (don't worry! It's not anything hard!):
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