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Having spent the last few decades reading these genres and wanting to share this passion with a group of like-minded readers, I was disappointed not to find an Eastside book club Meetup devoted to Sci-Fi and Fantasy. So, here we are.

If you're passionate about reading and discussing Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, then this is the place for you! Twice a month we'll meet to discuss the current book selection, which alternates between SF and Fantasy. Every so often when we're several months out from finishing the last of the scheduled meetups, we offer, as a group, book suggestions for the next 12-18 month's worth of reading.

It's a great way to get recommendations from fellow enthusiasts and experience the myriad imagineerings from many different perspectives. By scheduling the meetups so far in advance, it ensures that there's plenty of time for members to put holds on titles in the library system.

Come join us!

Check here for our book ratings page (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZYa4maQHmGPpD00VhC2lcOBn_V0gmlboIh_i_5Yq3ZM/edit?usp=sharing).

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The City We Became - Jul 6

Online event

The City We Became: A Novel (The Great Cities Trilogy, 1)
by N. K. Jemisin

In Manhattan, a young grad student gets off the train and realizes he doesn't remember who he is, where he's from, or even his own name. But he can sense the beating heart of the city, see its history, and feel its power.

In the Bronx, a Lenape gallery director discovers strange graffiti scattered throughout the city, so beautiful and powerful it's as if the paint is literally calling to her.

In Brooklyn, a politician and mother finds she can hear the songs of her city, pulsing to the beat of her Louboutin heels.

And they're not the only ones.

Every great city has a soul. Some are ancient as myths, and others are as new and destructive as children. New York? She's got six.

Join us and find out what happens next....

Enjoy the read. Hope to see you all there...wade

Dark Run - Jul 20

Online event

Dark Run (1) (Keiko)
by Mike Brooks

In this debut space epic, a crew of thieves and con artists take on a job that could pay off a lot of debts in a corrupt galaxy where life is cheap and criminals are the best people in it.

The Keiko is a ship of smugglers, soldiers of fortune, and adventurers travelling Earth’s colony planets searching for the next job. And they never talk about their past—until now.

Captain Ichabod Drift is being blackmailed. He has to deliver a special cargo to Earth, and no one can know they’re there. It’s what they call a dark run…And it may be their last.

Join us and find out what happens next....

Enjoy the read. Hope to see you all there...wade

Gideon the Ninth - Aug 3

Kitanda Espresso & Acai - Redmond

Gideon the Ninth (The Locked Tomb Trilogy, 1)
by Tamsyn Muir

The Emperor needs necromancers.

The Ninth Necromancer needs a swordswoman.

Gideon has a sword, some dirty magazines, and no more time for undead nonsense.

Tamsyn Muir’s Gideon the Ninth, first in The Locked Tomb Trilogy, unveils a solar system of swordplay, cut-throat politics, and lesbian necromancers. Her characters leap off the page, as skillfully animated as arcane revenants. The result is a heart-pounding epic science fantasy.

Brought up by unfriendly, ossifying nuns, ancient retainers, and countless skeletons, Gideon is ready to abandon a life of servitude and an afterlife as a reanimated corpse. She packs up her sword, her shoes, and her dirty magazines, and prepares to launch her daring escape. But her childhood nemesis won’t set her free without a service.

Harrowhark Nonagesimus, Reverend Daughter of the Ninth House and bone witch extraordinaire, has been summoned into action. The Emperor has invited the heirs to each of his loyal Houses to a deadly trial of wits and skill. If Harrowhark succeeds she will be become an immortal, all-powerful servant of the Resurrection, but no necromancer can ascend without their cavalier. Without Gideon’s sword, Harrow will fail, and the Ninth House will die.

Of course, some things are better left dead.

Join us and find out what happens next....

Enjoy the read. Hope to see you all there...wade

Here and Now and Then - Aug 17

Kitanda Espresso & Acai - Redmond

Here and Now and Then
by Mike Chen

He’ll go anywhere and any when to save his daughter

Kin Stewart is an everyday family man: working in IT, trying to keep the spark in his marriage, struggling to connect with his teenage daughter.

But his current life is a far cry from his previous career…as a time-traveling secret agent from over a century in the future.

Stranded in suburban San Francisco since the 1990s after a botched mission, Kin has kept his past hidden from everyone around him, until one afternoon, his “rescue” team arrives—eighteen years too late.

Their mission: return Kin to 2142, where he’s been gone only weeks, not years, and where another family is waiting for him. A family he can’t remember.

Torn between two lives, Kin’s desperate efforts to stay connected to both will threaten to destroy the agency and even history itself. With his daughter’s very existence at risk, he will have to take one final trip to save her—even if it means breaking all the rules of time travel in the process.

Join us and find out what happens next....

Enjoy the read. Hope to see you all there...wade

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