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Having spent the last few decades reading these genres and wanting to share this passion with a group of like-minded readers, I was disappointed not to find an Eastside book club Meetup devoted to Sci-Fi and Fantasy. So, here we are.

If you're passionate about reading and discussing Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, then this is the place for you! Twice a month we'll meet to discuss the current book selection, which alternates between SF and Fantasy. Every so often when we're several months out from finishing the last of the scheduled meetups, we offer, as a group, book suggestions for the next 12-18 month's worth of reading.

It's a great way to get recommendations from fellow enthusiasts and experience the myriad imagineerings from many different perspectives. By scheduling the meetups so far in advance, it ensures that there's plenty of time for members to put holds on titles in the library system.

Come join us!

Check here for our book ratings page (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZYa4maQHmGPpD00VhC2lcOBn_V0gmlboIh_i_5Yq3ZM/edit?usp=sharing).

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The Steerswoman - Jan 3

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The Steerswoman
by Rosemary Kirstein

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION If you ask, she must answer. A steerswoman's knowledge is shared with any who request it; no steerswoman may refuse a question, and no steerswoman may answer with anything but the truth.And if she asks, you must answer. It is the other side of tradition's contract -- and if you refuse the question, or lie, no steerswoman will ever again answer even your most casual question.

And so, the steerswomen — always seeking, always investigating — have gathered more and more knowledge about the world they travel, and they share that knowledge freelyUntil the day that the steerswoman Rowan begins asking innocent questions about one small, lovely, inexplicable object…Her discoveries grow stranger and deeper, and more dangerous, until suddenly she finds she must flee or fight for her life. Or worse -- lie. Because one kind of knowledge has always been denied the the steerswomen:Magic.

Join us and find out what happens next....

Enjoy the read. Hope to see you all there...wade

The Iron Dragon's Daughter - Jan 17

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The Iron Dragon's Daughter
by Michael Swanwick

A slave in a dragon factory that manufactures flying fighting machines, Jane changes her destiny when a voice from a dragon promising freedom and revenge prompts her to escape and challenge the foundations of the world.

Join us and find out what happens next....

Enjoy the read. Hope to see you all there...wade

The Quantum Magician - Feb 7

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The Quantum Magician
by Derek Künsken

Belisarius is a Homo quantus, engineered with impossible insight. But his gift is also a curse – an uncontrollable, even suicidal drive to know, to understand. Genetically flawed, he leaves his people to find a different life, and ends up becoming the galaxy's greatest con man and thief.

But the jobs are getting too easy and his extraordinary brain is chafing at the neglect. When a client offers him untold wealth to move a squadron of secret warships across an enemy wormhole, Belisarius jumps at it.

Now he must embrace his true nature to pull off the job, alongside a crew of extraordinary men and women. If he succeeds, he could trigger an interstellar war... or the next step in human evolution.

Join us and find out what happens next....

Enjoy the read. Hope to see you all there...wade

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