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This group is for Redmond/Bend Ladies who would enjoy a nice lunch/movies/hiking/special event, out with the girls. We have evolved into a group for talking and bonding to build a lifetime friendship and get away from the daily grind. a small group of real friends is better than a large group of superficial friends. We are limited to 40 girls (with an exception of friends of friends of friends) if you have joined and never show for a meet-up you will have a decent amount of time to join in if that ever happens we will have to ask you to step aside to allow someone else to join who is serious about our group (No Refunds). We also don't want people who are involved in too many groups because we are trying to build close relationships, not casual acquaintances. If at any time you are having issue's with another member/friend try to settle it between each other without involving other friends so no one is put in a position of picking sides. Drama free is our goal. The only good gossip is friendly gossip if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all! Good old saying.

We are a group of friendly women of all ages, located in the Redmond, Oregon area, inviting all women for activities and get-together's during weekdays, and sometimes on weekends. New members have 30 days to join in and check out this group After that there are $ 10 mandatory dues for each fiscal year To learn how to pay, Go to the Discussions Section, click on the Message Board, and look for the discussion on how to pay your dues. I realize many of you just aren't sure if you want to commit to any regular activity. In order for this group to succeed, we need every member to volunteer to put on events at the least once a year. Cancellation Policy, Some of our events have a maximum RSVP number. Once that number is reached, the system will not accept additional RSVP'S. People can, however, opt to put their names on a wait list. This way, if someone cannot make it due to a change of plans or an emergency, they can cancel and the spot will become available to the first person on the waiting list. This system works great, but sometimes people forget to cancel or they cancel too late for someone on the waiting list to get in. If that happens, people on the waiting list who would have loved to attend the event won’t know that there is an opening. So in order to be fair to everyone, please note our cancellation policy: Canceling attendance at an event with a waiting list and/or reservation must occur no less than 24 hours in advance to allow people on the wait list to be notified. If there is an emergency or an unforeseen circumstance, the event organizer/hostess must be contacted immediately, Diana 541-220-6044 Karen 541-420-22 12. Failing to cancel 24 hours in advance or contact the event organizer in case of an emergency results in a “No-Show” entry in the event registration list. The only downfall to that is you may not be taken seriously for your RSVP'S and placed on a waiting list for booked events.

Solicitations: With the exception of official event sponsors, no business solicitations or activities are allowed at any of our events. Anyone interested in becoming a group or event sponsor, please contact Diana.

A release of Liability For activities: A Release of Liability is assumed for each event. Your RSVP signifies that you agree.

We are becoming very close and I just want to say that this is the reason why I started this group. not to have lunch with superficial talk but to really know each other to go through things with each other survive misunderstandings, and trials. We will love each other we will hurt each other will fight and make-up. Like true friends, we will develop a bond through forgiveness and understanding. Only surviving this will a true bond exists. This is not a group for people who are not here for true friendship find a social group for that.

We are limited to 40 girls if you signup and we have 40 girls already you will be put on a waiting list until an opening comes up. Thank You.

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