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The South Bay Bird Society is happy you’ve flown over to see us!

We welcome you and your flock to the South Bay Bird Society. We are so happy to see you. We’re shaking our tail feathers and inviting you inside. You are welcome to meet the other members of our flock and we look forward to finding all about yours. Our goal is to share all the things we have learned along the flight path, including teaching our humans how to care for us.

You may have questions or you may be in need of assistance along the way about how to care for your birds. Check out https://sobaybirdsoc.com/ and, if you haven’t found the answer, you can always contact us or attend an SBBS meeting. Plus, have fun along the way! We are always open to your suggestions and ideas!

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September Members Online Social plus "How to Disinfect Your Home Safely..."

Please join use online to learn from others and share your insights. There will be time to socialize with each other, and see how everyone is doing. You never know where the conversation will go. This month's discussion starter is “How to Disinfect Your Home Safely While Keeping Your Pets Well In Light of Covid-19” Recently, veterinarians have been treating dogs and other animals who are showing signs of not being well because their pet owners are over-using disinfectants in their homes in an attempt to help keep their family safe from Covid-19. So WHAT you use and HOW you clean your home is important to thehealthofyourpetsandfamily. Vinegarisnotappropriateforall surfaces, so what else can you use to sanitize? Some pine cleaners might produce toxic fumes. So what can you use safely? Have you found something YOU like to use and can recommend it to others? Join the conversation you might have with your lunch buddies (no, not your update on Match.com) and share what you have found to be effective at cleaning your home and pet areas while keeping everyone safe and healthy. Bring your own beverage of choice. And, birds welcome! This would be a good opportunity to get any safer-at-home companion pet questions answered, too. Can I get my bird groomed? How do we all stay sane? How do I get supplies? --- New to Zoom? Learn how with this gentle video introduction to attending a meeting using Zoom (8 minutes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9isp3qPeQ0E This includes setting up, starting and stopping video, chat, and gallery display. --- This online meeting will be held using Zoom. Zoom works on most smart devices: PC; Mac, iPad, Android, iPhone. First timers: David is happy to help you set up. This social is your opportunity to be set up and get practice for the upcoming SBBS live online presentations and Q&As. If you would like to set up in advance, send a message to this meeting's organizer or post in the comments. The first concern of SBBS is the health and safety of our flock, human and otherwise. In person meetings will resume when conditions are appropriate. This meeting may be recorded and your image used in promoting SBBS activities. Zoom allows each participant to record and SBBS cannot be responsible for how that gets used. Please be aware of background images and activity that might get recorded. Opinions expressed are not necessarily representative of SBBS or its board or members.

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