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The South Bay Bird Society is happy you’ve flown over to see us!

We welcome you and your flock to the South Bay Bird Society. We are so happy to see you. We’re shaking our tail feathers and inviting you inside. You are welcome to meet the other members of our flock and we look forward to finding all about yours. Our goal is to share all the things we have learned along the flight path, including teaching our humans how to care for us.

You may have questions or you may be in need of assistance along the way about how to care for your birds. Check out https://sobaybirdsoc.com/ and, if you haven’t found the answer, you can always contact us or attend an SBBS meeting. Plus, have fun along the way! We are always open to your suggestions and ideas!

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2nd Sunday: Animal Rescue by South Bay Community Emergency Response Team

Come to SBBS's Summer Sunday Meeting Note: No birds allowed at this due to a Newcastle Disease Outbreak The South Bay Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) will be speaking to us on how we can work together during an emergency to best help our feathered friends and other pets. With Johnny Hernandez, CERT Group Leader The South Bay Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) consists of a group of volunteers based in the South Bay who provide assistance to animals and local agencies by helping with sheltering needs during a natural or human-caused disaster. Their goal is to reunite animals with their families in the aftermath of an emergency and provide assistance to affected animals. Group leader, Johnny Hernandez, along with other group members of CERT, will explain to us about their rescue and sheltering operations. They will share ways the South Bay Bird Society can work together with them in times of disaster to best take care of our feathered friends and other pets. Through our cooperation, we can be better prepared for any future emergencies in our community. So, plan to come to the meeting and we will learn ways we can work together when a disaster strikes! - Monthly Drawing - Potluck Snack/Lunch NO BIRDS ALLOWED at the June meeting due to a NEWCASTLE Disease Outbreak

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