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This is a group dedicated to helping YOU grow your business! Our primary focus is to network with you, learn more about you and your business you would like to build, then we become your sales people to everyone we know by bringing you referrals and also buying from you directly to support you.

We are very educational based so if you are into personal development, you will love our group!

We have a couple rules that I want to be up front with you about:

1. We only allow ONE member per category. Why? Because we only want one member per category so we can give them all of the referrals for their particular business category. So once you join as a member, you don't have to worry about fighting for referrals or support for your specific category since you will be the only one.

2. You can come to our meeting even if your category is taken. This is a good idea because you will still be able to network AND we are looking to expand into sub-groups as we grow so we can discuss your options if you feel our network is a fit for you.

3. It does cost money to actually signup in our group. The investment can be written off on your taxes (I am not a tax professional so check with your tax professional to verify. I am simply speaking from my experience). There are other groups similar to ours out there, but none that provide business and sales education while also costing a lot less than any other group.

4. You can come to our weekly meetings a few times before you decide whether or not our membership is something you want to invest in. Being a guest is absolutely free and we would never ask for you to take money out of your pocket before deciding whether or not you feel your membership will pay for itself with the value we provide you!

Are you ready to meet some other sales professionals and business owners who are looking to bring you referrals by expanding your network on a weekly basis?

If so, join our group on Meetup and RSVP for the next couple meetings we have.

**There are bonuses for joining the group, even if you never show up for our live events.

Jason Yesser

Google Marketing Specialist

P.S. Message me on Meetup after you join and introduce yourself. Looking forward to speaking with you!

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