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Me: Small time rehabber (5-10 properties a year) Issue: Not enough work for full time crew, when working on a house (project), unneeded delays present themselves when individual contractors periodically, interrupt the work by running out to do side jobs, emergencies or a host of other excuses, ultimately delaying my job. Goal: To form a group of seasoned rehabbers, who while not small, are not big either, and to share ideas, our individual "Proven" contacts for "drywall installation, tiling, HVAC, hardwood floors, electric, plumbing, roofers and more". I have very good contacts who do excellent work which I would bring to the group, along with a history of problem solving which, as a group, I would be happy to share as the need arises. There are times where my job is bogged down and I might use one of your contacts because mine cannot get to it for two weeks, likewise, as we grow comfortable with each others contacts, you most probably at some point would need to do the same. Further, depending on how well we all work together, with the amount of work our "combined" jobs bring in, we should be able to get better pricing from the individual contractors. An example today, would be that my current roster of contractors would be forced to realize that not pricing a job as tight as they can, would be done at their own peril, ultimately knowing that each of us merely needed to pick up the phone and call one of "our" other contractors from our combined list. If this concept worked, together, we might even at some point, "jointly" hire a part time woman, to aid us in scheduling jobs. Say you wanted so and so plumber to come out and run plumbing for a kitchen, bathroom or whatever, instead of you calling, getting voice mail and coordinating a time, you tell her to get ahold of a particular plumber on the list, or perhaps a choice of two or three plumbers on the list, whoever she could schedule first to do the job, you merely would give a range of time and days you want them there, she could get it scheduled and call you back when set-up, you merely show up and let them in. Our properties, would be left to each of us, we (as-group), would simply share a larger roster of proven contacts, possibly demand better, less expensive and more timely work based on our "collective" strength. If this concept sounds promising to you and you wish to discuss further with me, please join my group. Will then set-up meet up date. I know there are other groups out there, I am looking for rehabbers on he south side, " already" doing it and only wish for a smaller group with goals as described above.

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