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The Rehoboth TransLiance is a social group for all transgender people, cross dressers, bi-gender, transsexuals, their partners, family, allies and friends to network, learn, grow, and come together socially in safe, trans friendly venues. So whatever interests or needs that you have as a trans person, you should be able to find it in joining us here. This site was designed and founded for those seeking gender confirmation and open to all who have a supporting interest in our community. We welcome all who have n interest in protecting, understanding and supporting our interests.

We seek a safe, mutually supportive, and non political atmosphere for shopping, dining, dancing, educational, intellectual and other social pursuits. The broad range of social and intellectual events are wonderful opportunities to have fun, socialize, build friendships, share, explore, expand, and celebrate our gender together in safe and enjoyable settings.

It is also an opportunity to discover and integrate your feminine/masculine side, and learn about cross dressing, being bi-gender, transgender, gender queer or transsexual lifestyles. Our goal is to provide support through social interaction and a place where therapist and others would recommend for social development. It is our orientation that the more often we come out and socialize together, the more comfortable and confident we become in integrating these parts of our selves.

As members, you can post events that you are going to, inviting others to join with you. Or post trans related events from other social and support groups.

Note that our events are for those who are passable and not so passable, as we all share something precious together in the gender continuum. Members also offer makeovers and support in learning to dress as a woman or man.

Our group is designed to be the one place to go to find out all of the trans activities in the Rehoboth area.

Membership is free as well as the postings.

Lastly, on our site we offer a community resource of this week’s happenings, members’ experiences, tips, insights, questions, and reviews in areas of interest in our local trans community. Posts go out to all members to keep abreast.

You can check out all of the topics that we cover. They are located in our "Message Boards" listed under "Discussions" along the top banner.

Be sure to add your experiences, insights, tips, and questions.

We hope you can join us!

Kathy & Suzanne


If you wish to join our MeetUp, click on "Join Us" below. Then on the Sign Up box that appears, under "Your Real Name," be sure to type in just the first name that you wish to be called on your Profile. Do not use your male/female first name and last name as those will show up in Google searches.

Also you can include your photo (it does not need to be a face pic). Note that this is not a site for the sexual expression, so please, no photos or sexual references in your profile.

Upcoming events (4+)

LGBT Aging Community Roundtable

Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware

If you are an older LGBTQ+ person, 50+ (or close to it), please come out so we can talk with you about what can be done to help and assist you. What do you struggle with? Do you feel socially isolated? Come talk to us.

Salem's Pride Pool Party!

128 Honey Brook Ln

Salem Theodora DiBetta is inviting everyone to join her home for a slippery good time.

Hey Everyone! I wanted to invite you all to the annual Pride BBQ and Pool Party. This event is open to all people, weather you are personally part of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally you are welcome to come and eat and swim, any drinking is BYOB. Any extra dish or food or snack is appreciated but not expected.

There are a few things you must know:

1. Food will be taken care of but more is always welcome.

2. Children are not being invited. This is an adult party only. I have friends and family that have children that are not coming as well so we don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt or feel left out.

3. Alcohol is welcome however it is BYOB, so if you are drinking please contribute or bring what you will be drinking and have a designated driver.

Dover TransLiance meets the last Friday of every month

Felton United Methodist Church

We are going to try and meet in person. Those that wish to join us at the can meet us at. Lets get together after for a bite.

Felton-Viola United Methodist Church

##### 101 E. Main St.

##### Felton, DE 19943 . Please if you are at high risk stay home or take extra care to keep socially distant.

This is a group for transgender individuals and friends and family of trans folk. This is basically going to be a group for open discussion information on trans care and resources. For more information about TransLiance go to https://www.transliance.com/about_us.

This month we will be welcoming newcomers.

Other events coming up
1. New meeting space in CAMP Rehoboth
2. Upcoming renaming baptism
3. Women's Fest 2022 dance and makeup lessons
4. Clothing swap
5. Salisbury Pride Plans

All topics are on the table. This is the time to bring your questions and concerns. We will have a circle discussion about sex and gender. This meeting is open to all LGBTQ+ people and their allies, friends and family. This is a great time to share your stories, get feedback and advice from other members and explore your gender and sexuality. New comers are welcome and anyone wishing to meet prior to the meeting can do so by contacting [masked].

Members should also understand that their personal email can not be seen on this meetup site by the host, organizers or any members. Hope to see you there Kathy Carpenter [masked].

Salisbury TransLiance meeting

2812 Old Ocean City Rd

We are meeting at the Universalist Church, 2812 Old Ocean City Rd, Salisbury, MD. This event is open to transgender and non binary people, their friends, family, loved ones, and parents. New comes are welcome.

For more information about transliance, a program of Sussex Pride operating in Kent, Sussex, Worcester, and Wicomico counties, please see us on https://sussexpride.org/transliance/.

We explore important topics to our community, talk openly about gender and sexuality, and provide social support.

Anyone wishing to meet prior to the meeting can do so by contacting [masked] or Christina McBride at [masked] .

Members should understand that their personal email can not be seen on this meetup site by the host, organizers or any members. Hope to see you there Kathy Carpenter [masked].

Past events (587)

Rehoboth TransLiance Monthly meeting

Metropolitan Community Church