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    At EYES WIDE OPEN center in Bonita Springs we practice holistic health. Our classes and services are offered to the community to help people live a healthier life. We offer different tools to help people stay healthy: YOGA, MEDICAL QIGONG, TRAGER, HYPNOSIS, MASSAGE and of course REIKI.

    Reiki circles are an open space offering you the opportunity to experience Reiki and other natural healing modalities.

    Everybody is welcome, REIKI and other energy practitioners, relatives, friends.

    REIKI is a natural healing method we owe to Mikao Usui. The word comes from two Japanese characters: Rei, meaning universal energy and Ki, meaning the energy that animates all living beings. When Rei and Ki flow harmoniously together, optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is achieved. Blockages to the flow of energy at any one level of our being manifest with symptoms or disease. The Reiki practitioner funnels universal energy for herself or another person with the intention of supporting healing processes and deep relaxation.

    Sharing in a circle is a most beautiful and satisfying way to be introduced to and practice Reiki or other energy healing modalities. It is also an opportunity to meditate, take some time for oneself, as well as to deepen one's connection to the Source, whatever your conceive it to be. For Reiki practitioners, the circle will provide opportunities to continue learning through sharing experiences and giving/receiving a brief Reiki session at no cost. The circles are open to anyone who wants to experience the balancing effect of Reiki. Although it is not a class, there will be space for answering questions.

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