• Usui Reiki Level Two (2 day course)

    Harlton Village Hall


    You will be part of a small, friendly group so that tuition is personalized to your needs. You will build on Reiki skills learnt at level one and you may have done this level with me or another Reiki Master. As well as receiving the 3 'attunements' to the different aspects of Reiki at this level, you will learn Reiki healing techniques and the use of symbols and mantras to support you in these techniques. In particular, we will focus on learning how to do remote (distant) healing, scanning for sources of imbalance, healing your relationship to past and future events and clearing, cleansing and charging crystals for healing and manifesting. There will be an emphasis on methods of opening or connecting to spiritual healing energy and closing down, using precise intent and self protection methods. We will refer to both the 'Original Japanese Reiki' teachings and to the those that have come through 'Western reiki' lineages of Usui - Hayashi - Takata. You will increase your skills in balancing your own energy body and others’ to enhance to body’s ability to heal itself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will learn meditation techniques to improve the flow of Reiki and participate in practical exercises to learn how to set up and perform a Reiki treatment as a professional Reiki Practitioner. Upon completion of a short period of practical assignments, which you can complete at your own pace with my support, you will be awarded a certificate and be ready to practice professionally. After the course you will have ongoing mentoring and access to a supportive and fun Reiki Share group, where you can practise further and ongoing continuous professional development workshops. It is my purpose to empower others to pursue their own healing and spiritual journeys in a supportive, inspiring and enjoyable way. If you decide to join this level two course, please contact me for a registration form and we will take it forwards from there. Enjoy your Reiki Journey!

  • Usui Reiki Level One (2 day course)

    Harlton Village Hall


    Contact [masked] for a registration form; a deposit will reserve your place. Over the course of one weekend, you will learn to treat yourself and your friends, family and pets with Reiki; a profoundly relaxing and balancing spiritual healing method from Japan. There will be approximately 15 hours of face to face tuition; plenty of time to learn about the origins of Reiki, the spiritual development involved and the practical methods of flowing Reiki. The special attraction of learning with Untie The String Natural Healing is the way you will be taught, with reference to original Japanese teachings in addition to the teachings brought to the West by Takata, who was taught by the founder Mikao Usui's student Hayashi. As your Reiki Master/Teacher, I will support you after the course to complete some practical assignments for 3 weeks and you will then be awarded a certificate as a Reiki Healer. You will have me to depend on as your mentor on an ongoing basis, throughout your Reiki journey. It is my aim to empower you to achieve all you wish to achieve and more. After some months of further practice at this level you may decide to continue to Reiki Level Two, which enables you to perform Reiki treatments professionally. You are invited to contact me with further questions, which I would love to answer. My mission is to provide a highly personalised experience and for you to also enjoy your exploration of this fascinating process of self development and healing. If you would like to, please book a demonstration Reiki treatment at Untie The String Natural Healing in Hardwick for a small donation towards the Fund a Student fundraiser.