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Welcome to all who are interested in practicing, experiencing and learning more about Reiki and other energy/natural healing modalities!

I am a New York-based Reiki Master Teacher looking to build a community of people interested in learning and practicing Reiki, energetic healing, meditation, and other holistic practices to create more balance, healing and well-being in their lives and in the world. Under the current pandemic I am offering Reiki Healing Groups remotely (on Zoom), so anyone in the world can now join us.

Reiki Healing Groups are open to Reiki practitioners of all levels and any type of Reiki. Non-practitioners are also welcome to come and receive Reiki energy.

I will also be offering online classes to learn Reiki and other healing modalities, such as Seva Stress Release (acupressure), Chakra Tai Chi, and Animal Reiki.

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Online Reiki Circle

Online event

I invite you to join me for an online Reiki Circle to ground our hearts and bodies with peaceful, fresh energy and receive/offer healing support for ourselves and the world. Reiki induces a relaxed state that restores balance and ease at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Needed now more than ever! All are welcome - experienced or totally new to Reiki. Reiki is a healing modality that originated in Japan in the early 20th century, based on the sharing of a universal life-force energy that is abundantly available to all. What a good reminder, these days, that we are all in it together, co-creating our lives and the world we live in. Today's quantum physics recognizes that energy fields connect all life and matter. This allows Reiki to be offered successfully at a distance, as we'll do in this group. ​ We'll begin with a short guided meditation and then share distance Reiki. If you have a Reiki attunement (any lineages or levels) please join in to offer Reiki during the session. Everyone else will relax and receive Reiki. Cost: Free or by donation at www.donnagallers.com (Contact page) or Venmo @donna-gallers. All donations much appreciated. Please arrive to the Zoom room a few minutes early so we can start on time. Looking forward to sharing Reiki with you on Sunday, October 4th.

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Online Reiki Circle - Free/By Donation

Online event

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