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Welcome to "Reiki Healing Circle, Meditation & Ayurveda--CSRA" group. I have received so much benefit from Reiki, Meditation and Ayurveda that I want to share all I can with everyone.

Currently, I have started my 4th Reiki modality, Jikiden Reiki under world renowned Reiki Guru, Frank A. Petter Sensei, and as a practitioner, I am registered with Jikiden Reiki Center in Kyoto, Japan.

I grew up learning Ayurveda and have continued my education on Herbal Healing and benefits of food as medicine. As I have always said: "Although a teacher, I still find myself a student."

AND Since 1998, I have been practicing, studying and advancing my skills in 'Eastern Lineage' Traditional Reiki. Under Three Reiki Master Teachers, and after many years of training and practicing, I was merited with the highest level—Shihan/Master Teacher Level in Usui Traditional Reiki Ryoho.

Remember: all Masters are not Teachers or Master Teachers.

You may look us up on FB: .... Reiki, The Global Science of Healing ...........and

on my webpage: www. FayeWallace.com

A word of advice:

A. Do not combine your classes--Reiki Initiation classes should not be treated as buying fast food! On-Line attunements are nothing but a marketing scheme.

B. Since this in not an accredit program, make sure your teacher has stayed with the same teacher throughout his/her reiki education. As for me, I have started every modality from level one with a new teacher and have completed that program with the same teacher.

C. A reputable teacher has a list of all his/her students. You may wish to call/contact the teacher or the center to confirm of your potential teacher's credentials.

The Goals of This Meetup Group is:

1. To provide assistance/healing for those who are in need of healing at the free monthly community healing circles.

2. Offer Reiki Classes to those who are interested to learn and practice this healing art.

This method and art of healing is not taught and is not available in any universities in USA. Therefore, it is essential to find out the Master Teacher's background and the length of their education--Don't be shy to ask for their certificates and their lineage; that is your right to know who is your teacher ......

3. Provide Reiki Share for the practitioners and especially for my own students to advance their skills and hands on experience.

4. Eventually establish the "Jikiden & Traditional Eastern Usui Reiki Ryoho" healing center for CSRA.

5. This site is to offer growth opportunities, leadership, teaching and mentoring for anyone of my students who achieve Master and/or Master Teacher Levels.

6. And promote information, classes, cooking classes for using herbs and advancing into understanding Ayurveda and food as medicine in the Herbal Healing gatherings.

Information about: Reiki is not a religious group; it cuts across all faiths, creeds and beliefs. Reiki is simply a healing method of stress reduction which promotes health.

Over 800 American hospitals offer Reiki as part of their hospital services.

Reiki is effective for restoring balance, strengthening the functions and health of physical body; enhancing relaxation and self awareness of the emotional body; and calming and nourishing the spirit body.

It promotes self-healing by treating from inside out, without changing medication(s) if under care of a medical provider.

This Healing Circle is open to the public, and anyone who wish to advance their healing and promote a faster recovery. Individual results may vary based on regularity and number of treatments.

All Reiki modalities are welcome to join and practice as long as they are open to some Q&A and willing to learn more.

Love donations to keep these two groups growing and advancing are much welcomed.

Blessings to all.

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Zen & Meditation Painting Class

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Zen & Meditation Painting Class

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Zen & Meditation Painting Class

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Zen & Meditation Painting Class

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