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This is a group for anyone interested in Spirituality & Mystical Rituals, Energy Healing & Healing Meditations, Witchcraft, and Magick. Diane focuses only on the Healing aspects of Witchcraft, on Positive Intentions, and the Divine aspects of the Art. She conducts Mystical Rituals in which Positive Intentions are manifested, and various Rituals that clear away Negative Energy and blockages. Diane Godin is also an experienced Psychic Medium and Energy Healer who wants to share her experiences and provide a safe place to explore this with like-minded people. She will guide and lead an array of future gatherings that will include meditations, positive intention rituals, seances, and more. There will always be sharing and discussion at these gatherings. Looking forward to meeting other people with these interests! Visit Diane's website at https://www.reikispiritualawakening.com/ to learn more about her background, knowledge and experience.

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Reiki Healing Meditation With Qi Gong Movements

Reiki Spiritual Awakening Centre


Join Diane Godin for a very powerful Reiki Healing Meditation! This is an amazing experience, a Meditation like no other! NEW!!: Diane will be leading participants through some light Qi Gong Movements prior to the Meditation to warm up and open the Chi, and to relax the Mind, Body and Soul. ___________________________________________ Diane is an experienced Advanced Energy Healer who has spent her lifetime developing her skills and knowledge. She has developed a unique form of Healing Meditation that focuses on the Chakras and flow of Energy in the body, essentially Reiki without touch. Participants have said that they feel the Energy moving through them during the Reiki Healing Meditation, and many have reported a literal release of pain and blockages. All say that they feel tremendous relaxation, calmness, and a release of stress. Already an established Reiki Master and Witch, Diane is currently studying Qi Gong Methods of Healing to add to and enhance her already powerful gifts as an Advanced Energy Healer. This will be and amazing evening of Healing! ____________________________________________ WHO WILL BENEFIT: Diane will guide participants through this powerful Healing Meditation to provide relaxation, reduce stress, anxiety, and pain, and help those with panic disorders. This Meditation is also invaluable for anyone seeking more joy, fulfillment, and peace in every day life. Anyone age 9 and up are welcome to participate! This Reiki Healing Meditation will benefit children who may be experiencing any difficulties such as loneliness, anxiety, health issues, or with school. ___________________________________________ WHAT TO EXPECT: Diane will begin leading everyone through the light Qi Gong movements for about 15 minutes. The Reiki Healing Meditation will then begin and will be about 1/2 hour in length, followed by a short break. Refreshments will be served during the break. After the break, Diane will lead a discussion during which participants will be encouraged to share their experience. _____________________________________________ NO DROP INS PLEASE: Space is limited for this event. Please contact Diane at (819)[masked] to confirm attendance. If you bring a guest, please let Diane know when you call to reserve the extra space. Let us know well in advance, as spaces are filling up quickly and there is limited number of people permitted! Also, If you have reserved a space but can no longer attend, please let us know so that someone else can join in! ____________________________________________ Please also note that the door will be closed when the Qi Gong exercises and Meditation begin at 6:10 pm sharp, so please arrive on time! Thank you!! _____________________________________________ Serious people, only, please. Hope you can join us!! ______________________________________________ ABOUT DIANE GODIN: Diane is a powerful Advanced Energy Healer, Witch, and Empath, with natural abilities in Energy Reading, Aura Reading, Chakra Reading, and Crow Reading. She is a Certified Reiki Master, and is fully Certified in Plant & Animal Healing. She is Certified in Cosmic Energy Healing, and Certified in many aspects of Qi Gong which she continues to study for further Certification. She is an extremely gifted Psychic Medium and Empath, with powerful Clairvoyant, Aural, Visual, and Sentient abilities. Visit Diane's website at www.reikispiritualawakening.com to learn more about her! _____________________________________________

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Reiki Healing Meditation

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