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Reiki is an old energy healing technique developed in the early 20th century by a Japanese Buddhist monk, Mikao Usui. Translated from Japanese, 'Reiki' means a spiritually guided life force energy. The technique empowers one to heal naturally. It is easy to learn and practice Reiki and anyone can learn it and benefit from it.

• Reiki is a purely natural healing technique that involves channeling energies to help heal. It uses no tools or invasive techniques, and has absolutely no adverse effects whatsoever. Like mentioned before it is natural and for all to use.
• Reiki brings about positive changes on all levels for an individual and isn’t at all limited to dealing with physical aspects alone
• Known to help relieve acute & chronic illnesses, aches and pains by tackling the root causes and the origins of the same
• Greatly helps relieve stress, anxiety and helps improves sleep
• Energizes, rejuvenates and harmonizes body, mind and spirit
• Reiki works wonders on the mental-emotional level too by bringing in clarity, balance and centeredness, thereby enabling one to respond well to, rather than react to the situations around


REIKI WORKSHOPS BANGALORE was conceived with a very simple thought and philosophy; power of healing the 'self'. Through our Reiki workshops, we seek to empower people to heal naturally.

It is important for one to know that Reiki is not a medical treatment in itself. Reiki is a complimentary tool along with modern medicine in order to encourage the healing process, rather than a supplementary one; and that's what we clearly state and believe in as well.


Kavita is a trained and experienced Reiki Master & teacher, and has been practising this healing form for many years. She continues to use this technique daily, and has imparted this knowledge to many people, all of whom have greatly benefitted from this knowledge gained


To know more, feel free to reach out to us. We shall be glad to hear from you

M: +91-953-874-3675 (Kavita)
M: +91-989-136-2023 (Anirudh)
E: gaiawellnesslife@gmail.com

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