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Energy Healing is a powerful tool that can change your life!! And you can help others to change their lives as well! Imagine being a part of that... pretty awesome!

17 years ago, my life was really tough. I was lost.....

Years later, I received the best gift ever, and I want to share that with everybody! . I discovered Reiki and I had no idea the amazing impact that it was going to make in all aspects of my live. The Spiritual growth was amazing! My body healed completely from Osteoarthritis, Migraines and Depression, I found the best job! (helping people), a great husband and many more blessings...
REIKI, Energy work, Healing Hands, Energy Medicine.. doesn't matter the name, just read about it, make a search, take classes, get to know the energy! Make Reiki part of your Life! Everything will change for you if you are ready! I guarantee you that!!

Talk to me and ask all the questions you want... If You don't feel connected, doesn't matter! look for another teacher. But give it a try! Reiki is my passion! It Can be yours too!

Think about it... you can change your life and many others.

Join us in this mystical journey of healing ourselves and others through the discovering of our true essence, seeing the beauty of our beings and understanding the divinity of our soul. Let this loving Reiki energy bring us to the awareness that we are already healed and well.
We are a group of healers that love to share our Reiki experience with others to enhance an abundant, harmonious and magical life.

…Are you ready?

Para informacion en espanol porfavor de contactarme via email, estare mas que encantada a responder cualquier pregunta que tuvieras respecto a Reiki o el proposito de este grupo.

Give me a call (407)733-1969 or contact me at OrlandoReikiSchool@gmail.com .


Monica Serena.

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