What we're about

We are here to help everyone interested in healing, support and learning to heal.

We help people with gentle Reiki healing and deep meditation practices. Reiki (http://www.ivedas.org/reiki.html) is Universally Present Spiritual Life Force Energy. It is the vibration of Love, gentle loving energy, opening the avenues of higher learning through ways.

Reiki (http://www.ivedas.org/reiki.html) is a Divine Love accompanied by Divine Compassion. It heals , balances, rejuvenates. It can by done by simply laying hands on body. For someone who doesn't understand what Reiki does, they feel a deep sense of relaxation and ease. Reiki easily helps one drift the state of meditation, thus deepening the healing. One can easily learn to heal aches and pains to start with. Reiki (http://www.ivedas.org/reiki.html) heals at all levels mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.

We also help people with personal & distant healing sessions.

We respect and welcome all lineages.

Join if this is a calling or you want to explore it as your first step and to share, meet like minded people and learn.

Enjoy few meditations recorded during and actual class:

Heart opening Pink Mist Meditation (https://www.dropbox.com/s/qrqnyknc05h663v/Pink%20mist%2001.mp3)

Discussion on Chakras with Meditation (https://www.dropbox.com/s/lmyfxgvbkssnb34/chakra%20class.mp3)

Deep Healing Meditation (https://www.dropbox.com/s/bg4kgfzsm39tr3f/02%20Healing%20Meditation.mp3)

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Center for Meditation & Healing


Hello Reiki Lovers Let’s meet for healing ourselves and other with Reiki in a healing circle for few minutes. Life is busy and it’s good to take a break, remind ourselves that we are also important and we need to take care of ourselves. Let’s take time and heal together.

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Healing circle

Center for Meditation & Healing


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