Theory U, a journey to an individual and collective transformation

Reinventing Brussels
Reinventing Brussels
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Nowadays we talk a lot about co-creation, collective intelligence and emerging future. What is the meaning of these key words/concepts?
How can we engage in a profound co-creation process and draw from collective wisdom?
Furthermore, how can our individual challenges and aspirations connect to a collective transformational purpose? Theory U is a methodology and a process that connects us to a collective transformational journey, operating at a deep creative source. It opens a way to join the intelligence of the mind with the intelligence of the heart, the intelligence of the will with the wisdom of the body. With the support of rich and diverse practices that allow to experientially co-sense and co-shape the future, Theory U can help us move away from past patterns and consciously connect to a future that wants to emerge. Visit the Theory U website to discover more about it: During this workshop you will explore:
• core concepts and practices of Theory U
• methods and tools to sense and seize future opportunities
• the deeper journey of your personal and professional life, to be a more effective change-maker in your own environment
• practices to expand your attention - to open your mind, heart and will to act. Presentation of Theory U This video presents U.Lab, a MOOC about Theory U. It illustrates the need of this kind of approach in today's world.

Practical information Facilitators
Alessandra Satta & Vincent De Waele

Friday evening 1st June from 18:30 to 21:30
Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June from 9:00 to 17:00.

Individual: 195€
Freelance or organization: 295€ (with invoice)
Drinks included, potluck lunch. Lodging
Possibilities to stay in our B&B for a fair price.