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The 4 dynamics of integral change

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To successfully live your Unique Self, you need to Clean Up, Wake Up, Grow Up and Show Up. The 4 dynamics of the Integral Theory by Ken Wilber offers a new operating system to do just this. It is the critical calling of our time.
Come and experiment with the 4 dynamics during this one day workshop.

FEE: 50€, payment at the start of the workshop. “We live in an extraordinary moment in human history. All of the great wisdom traditions are available to us. Now more than ever, we need a way to synthesize and make sense of this incredible treasury of wisdom. The Integral Theory gives us a framework to organize the great cultural inheritance of humankind and to highlight the most important aspects as they pertain to our own immense potential.
Integral Spiritual Development helps us to understand that:
• All of us have the innate potential to wake up to our true nature as radiant, non-dual consciousness.
• All of us have the capacity to grow up to greater and greater levels of development.
• All of us have the capacity to cultivate intentional access to multiple states and realms of reality.
• No matter how developed we become, all of us must continue to clean up and purify our motivations.
• When we intentionally work on character development, shadow work, and emotional and psychological integration, we can show up in the world to have a lasting positive impact.”

By Dustin DiPerna