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Deep Democracy: Facilitating individual and group transformation

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We would like to invite you to our Deep Democracy Workshop in Brussels, from May 14th-15th 2018.

The intention of the workshop is to expand the awareness and the range of concepts and tools that facilitators can bring to their practice with groups. These concepts and tools will be particularly useful for facilitating diverse and divergent groups.

A secondary intention is to create space for deep democracy conversations about migration to Europe. In order to make the experience richer, we invite a cross-section of people who have different perceptions and experiences of diversity and integration in Europe and Brussels.

Outcomes of the Workshop

Participants will:

- Develop a basic understanding of the key Deep Democracy concept. Deep Democracy is a core practice within the “Process Work” approach pioneered by Arny Mindell;
- Cultivate personal mastery in understanding their position as a facilitator or group member and how to use these consciously;
- Apply some of the key Process Work concepts; side taking, role switching and field awareness that are critical to Deep Democracy; and
- Apply the learning to key diversity issues raised by workshop participants

We have the pleasure to invite two very seasoned trainers and facilitators, Zed Xaba and Rebecca Freeth. Both have learned much of what they know about Deep Democracy through sitting in the fire of groups in South Africa and in various diverse situations around the globe.

What is Deep Democracy ?
Deep democracy is different from commonly held views of democracy.It means going beyond majority rule and representative democracy and honouring all parts of the field – giving voice to the devalued, the disenfranchised, minorities of all kinds – to all of nature and all its forms.We listen not only to the voices of other people whose opinions we do not often hear, but to our own inner voices that are unfamiliar or that we fear and reject. Deep democracy is a respect and love for nature in the deepest sense. This means that in our inner work, relationship work and group work we recognise the importance of representing the unconscious parts (double signals) in order to make the situation whole.

Deep democracy is invaluable in sustainable collaborative decision making and conflict resolution within groups with a wide diversity of opinions and beliefs.

For whom
We are inviting a diverse audience of both facilitators and consultants as well as refugees, policy makers and people representing immigrants, people finding the immigration topic difficult in order to see whether we can make headway in creating one common story across the various truths using the Deep Democracy tools. Subscription modalities
Price :
- Facilitators/Coaches/Consultants, who would like to join the training to improve their facilitation skills: 850€ excl VAT with invoice
(765€ for early booking)
- Special, who are activily involved in the topic of migration: 195€ incl VAT without invoice
(175€ for early booking)

Early booker discount of 10% until 15th March
Registration is only possible through Eventzilla:

About the facilitators
We have the pleasure to invite two very seasoned deep democracy trainers. They are not only trainers but apply the process in their daily work in complex contexts and situations. We are convinced that bringing these two women to Brussels with their expertise is a unique occasion to live an exceptional experience and deepen your skills to work with groups. We hope also that we can make some headway in the complex matter of integration and migration given the audience and the facilitators we bring together.

Zed Xaba, lead facilitator
Rebecca Freeth, co-facilitator