What we're about

Are you passionate about reinventing the workplace and peoples experience of work?
Our purpose is to make New Zealand a better place to work. We aim to do this by helping you to learn and experiment with the practices used by other organisations who have moved away from the traditional ways of working that most of us are used to.

What is it? A group of people coming together for an evening of discussion or morning coffee, debate, learning and exploration of the world of work and its future. In these meetups, we'll be encouraging people to suggest topics and facilitate session based on their interests.

Who Is it For? Anyone interested in making the workplace better. We imagine people with interests in HR, organisational development & change, ownership and management models, coaching, agile ways of working, leadership and organisational psychology may well be interested in joining us.

Why Come? We're hoping to learn, connect and challenge ourselves with other people who care about New Zealand's workplaces and the people in them.

Here's an introductory article with more detail on Reinventing Work: and the global movement that has evolved from it https://medium.com/reinventing-work/introducing-reinventing-work-da7ab6a590da

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Reinventing Work: Auckland #1

Enspiral Dev Academy - Auckland Campus

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