Reinventing Work: Montreal #2


Reinventing Work: Montreal meets to share, learn and practice new ways of working. Our purpose (written in pencil) is to make Montreal a better place to work.

- Location - WeWork L'avenue, conference room 7F

Meeting #2 will feature a special guest, Don de Guerre an Organization Design Consultant. He is passionate about Open Systems Theory and Complexity and will share his story of helping Syncrude, an oil company transform into a self managing organization.

Don de Guerre LinkedIn Profile

- Are you wondering if this meet-up is for you? -

Reinventing Work: Montreal is aimed at people in organizations that are interested in the future of work, self-organizing teams, self-management, emergent hierarchies, participatory change, decentralized leadership, distributed authority, collaboration, new ways of working and organization design. If you’ve heard of 'Brave New Work' by Aaron Dignan, Frederic Laloux’s book ‘Reinventing Organizations’, the Corporate Rebels blog, Liberating Structures, or the Leadermorphosis podcast, then this is definitely for you! If you haven’t, here are some links:

• Brave New Work (

• Corporate Rebels (

• Leadermorphosis (

• Liberating Structures (

• Laloux’s book (

• The Reinventing Organizations wiki (

Have a read/listen/browse and if the ideas sound like fun then you’ll fit right in. We want this group to be inclusive, so we do encourage people who are curious about and new to self-management to join. We also want it to be for organizations who are on, or about to begin, their self-management journey.

We ask for a $10 contribution to support operating costs and snacks, beverages.

Hosted by Jess Malz, Juniper Belshaw and Dena Adriance