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Are you passionate about reinventing the workplace and peoples experience of work? Inspired by Reinventing Work: Bristol we are organising the very first meetup of people interested in reinventing work in Scotland.

What is it? A group of people coming together for an evening of discussion, debate, learning and exploration of the world of work and its future. In future meetups, we'll be encouraging people to suggest topics and conversation starters but for our inaugural meetup the focus will be on what the phrase "reinventing work" means to you. We'll also discuss what the meetup might look like in the future.

Who Is it For? Anyone interested in making the workplace better. We imagine people with interests in HR, organisational development & change, ownership and management models, coaching, agile working, leadership and organisational psychology may well be interested in joining us.

Why Come? We're hoping to learn, connect and challenge ourselves with other people who care about Scotland's workplaces and the people in them.

Here's an introductory article with more detail on Reinventing Work: and the global movement that has evolved from it https://medium.com/reinventing-work/introducing-reinventing-work-da7ab6a590da

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Reinventing Work comes to Scotland

Harvey Nash Edinburgh

This is a friendly, informal meetup for people passionate about reinventing work. In the first meetup we will be having a drink, getting to know one another and discussing what the phrase "reinventing work " means to each of us. We'll also chat about what people would like the group to be in the future. There are many reinventing work meetups run across the globe - for more information on the movement, check out the website. https://www.reinventing.work/home This first meetup will be hosted by James and Jane from World of Work Project (www.worldofwork.io) and Valerie, an independent agile coach. It'll be a chance to talk all things workplace and making things better!

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