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Hello to all TRULY interested in how to step into having a conscious loving relationship! You joined the meetup for the (BELOW) Relation-Shift Conscious Relationship Training class and what it can give you. I've taught -- and very happily LIVED -- its life-changing curriculum for years. But this year, because of COVID-19, there is a change: I am not offering the Conscious Relationship Training class as such, but I AM offering and am available for individual personal counseling and coaching sessions via Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. You can receive and absorb ALL of the same experiential curriculum and relationship-transforming, LIFE-transforming body of knowledge, skills, and lasting benefits as you could have with the CRT class. All of its benefits and -- because your sessions will be individualized -- more! For that, and to begin individual sessions and guidance with me, contact me directly (instead of through this Meetup site) at 215-438-9839 (text is best) or at Marcus@Relation-Shift.org.

I look forward to hearing from EACH of you, so that you can begin having amazing, This-Is-What-I-Always-Wanted relationships. It IS possible; it happened to me and I am in gratitude every DAY for it! (Imagine having learned, mutually, to get out of your own way and live in a grounded and lasting kind of ecstasy, peace and connection.) And it never would have been possible had I not learned and absorbed these conscious relationship shifts, keys, and embodied skills first -- in my case both professionally AND personally. It IS my work, my vocation and what I'm Here for, so if YOU'RE READY to have amazing conscious relationship(s) that, someday looking back, will make you cry that you EVER thought it wasn't possible, contact me and we'll see about your very first appointment and you beginning the best new journey of your life.


Marcus EliYAhu Mann

215-438-9839; Marcus@Relation-Shift.org


For women & men of all backgrounds, cultural, religious, racial & gender identities, & sexual orientations, & all ages — from late teens to 90-something learners! Simply bring your deep & playful readiness to learn!
This is a guided, small class & training, kept very small for maximum practice-time & learning.

You will learn, & we will practice, the core, key principles & skills of CONSCIOUS LOVING & CONSCIOUS, CO-CREATIVE RELATIONSHIP & how to initiate, inspire & sustain one.

This training class is the distillation of my 18 years of helping my clients & students -- single, coupled, married, as well as divorced & dating again -- in their relationships with each other & themselves, to learn & step into HOW TO BE FULLY TOGETHER *WITHOUT* GIVING UP *YOURSELF*: the art of being close & in harmony with your partner & others while feeling, expressing & expanding the full wholeness of your individual creative self!

Attend together with a partner or alone, & come step into the essential set of skills to shift yourSELF -- & THUS your relationships -- into a source of Love, renewal, safety, fulfillment, physical vitality & spiritual growth. Bypass divorce & unhappiness by absorbing this invaluable preventive medicine for your relationship(s). In the course of attending the classes you will learn how to shift your relationship 'destiny' -- from reactivity & repeating stuck patterns & the past, by default, to co-creating relationships consciously, with a centered awareness, by intention & loving design.

If you choose to learn this, it is an invaluable choice for Life & Love, & as you learn it, you learn how to embody life-healing, life-&-love-SAVING choices & practices, moves & approaches (the learning engages the body as much as the mind) that become lasting & deeply gratifying mind-body-spirit health shifts.

We will also use the book Conscious Loving, by Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, not as an in-class textbook, nor as a must-read requirement, but simply as a supportive extra resource & reference for those who want it.

All you need to bring each week (aside from your tuition, & a deep & playful readiness to learn!) is You.

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