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Whereas physical yoga brings you into deeper relationship with your body, relational yoga brings you into deeper relationship with others. Instead of creating greater flexibility in how you move, relational yoga helps you create greater flexibility in your relationships and in your life.

Do you ever have the feeling that you could be enjoying richer more authentic interactions with people? Sometimes creating profound connection is as easy as looking just beneath the surface with whoever we are with, at any given time.

Join us for fun group experiences that invite you beneath the surface and into a deeper experience of yourself and others. Together we explore highly-interactive partner and group exercises that illuminate all new ways of seeing and connecting with others on an all new level. These fun and safe group structures provide a way for us to go beyond small talk and beyond superficial appearances. It’s an opportunity for us to discover and celebrate with great people who are also wanting to explore what’s possible in connection.

When your unique self has an opportunity to be seen, celebrated and understood, if frees you in some truly profound ways to see, celebrate and understand someone else. Our mission is to support you in understanding, loving and accepting yourself, so that you can embrace others and the world in a whole new way.

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