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Have you ever wondered what it's like to relate to others in a way that is less defined by expectations, obligations, commitments, and rules? Relationship Anarchy is a relating philosophy based in self-awareness and personal responsibility that honors autonomy, authenticity, and adaptability. It can apply to all types of relationships (platonic, family, romantic, sexual, etc.). RA challenges conventional social norms, including the notions of ownership, scarcity, and entitlement in relationships. It is a practice of consciously aligning intentions with others rather than projecting unconscious expectations and assumptions onto one another.

Some RA values include:
- Independence / Self-Reliance
- Authenticity / Empowered Self-expression
- Conscious Consent
- Agreements vs. Rules
- Flexibility / Adaptability

Join our community to learn more about Relationship Anarchy, in theory and in practice, and meet others who align philosophically with its values!

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Entheogenesis & How We Relate to Others: A Journey to True Love & RA

Entheogens have the potential to help us peel back the veils and understand the divinity within. However, if we only see “God” within our individual selves, we are only seeing a tiny part of the picture. What does it mean to relate to “others” when we begin to see the divinity in each of us? After one very intense and fateful LSD trip, Phoenyx became suddenly conscious of how riddled our society is with unhelpful cultural norms that promote entitlement, duty, rigid roles, and inauthentic behavior in our relationships. Ever since, she has made a study of tools we can employ to interrelate more consciously, embrace authenticity, and cultivate honesty, trust, communication, and respect in relationship frameworks that promote freedom, autonomy, and acceptance.

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RA 101: Intro to Relationship Anarchy at Polytopia

Crowne Plaza Portland-Downtown Conv Ctr

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