What we're about

What is the purpose of this group?

This MeetUp Group was originally created to provide solutions, answers and support to people struggling in their intimate relationships.

As a Life Skills Coach and someone who specializes in relationship counselling, I have come to learn that there is typically one root issue that causes most of the challenges in relationships, whether it's a negative pattern a person finds themselves in or whether a couple is struggling with their "hot topic" (hot topics are the things couples fight about regularly and can never seem to resolve).

Who should join this group?

People who are are struggling in their relationship and can't communicate through or resolve their hot topics.

People who are stuck in a negative relationship pattern and would like it to end:

- perhaps you keep choosing the same type of person over and over again and continue to have the same results, or

- perhaps you can never seem to make a relationship last.

But mostly, people who are curious and want to get the answers they need so they can begin to solve the problems they face.

Why should you join?

You should join this group if you're tired of feeling confused, frustrated and bewildered and you'd like to finally take the mystery out of the relationship challenges you struggle with.

This MeetUp Group is pretty informal but informative. Each evening that we get together, you will have the opportunity to present me with your questions and I will share my perspective, experience, expertise and solutions with you. On the evenings that you're feeling quiet and/or maybe a little shy, I will present a topic for us to discuss. The goal, however, will always be for you to become crystal clear about the root issues driving the relationship struggles you are currently facing because you can't fix a problem unless you know what's causing it.

So, let's get you those answers, shall we?


If you have more questions about me or about my approach and why it's so effective, please visit my website at www.joyce-schafers.com.

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