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At work, your focus is on getting the job done. But did you know that how you run your relationships with colleagues, direct reports, customers, clients, team members, and managers is just as crucial to your career success as the quality of your performance?

This Meetup is about honing your skill with people, growing confidence, and sharing experience and knowledge about overcoming relationship obstacles at work.

Please join if you want to:

• Strengthen the relationships you have at your workplace.

• Speak up more effectively and lead with confidence.

• Improve how you navigate challenging conversations.

• Make sure your “impact” works for you, not against you.

Our meetings are engaging, safe, and interactive. Each meeting will have a focused topic and you’ll experience working with skills that are rarely taught in training programs.

"Social skills and emotional intelligence are vastly more important than test scores and IQ. If you’ve learned how your words and actions impact others; then you’re way ahead of the game. Thirty years after my college graduation, I can say that it is as true as it has ever been in the real world.”

~ from Advice to Graduates, May 2019, by Patrick Lencioni, author The Ideal Team Player, and many other books

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