What we're about

This book club, based on the book of the same title, provides practical exercises and principles for you to master strategies for high-level communication. You will learn empathic listening skills, conflict resolution skills, and ways of assertion that align with the principles rooted in your spiritual truth. This book shows you how to be in more honest satisfying relationships, deepen self-awareness, and learn how to live a life of purposeful action. You will be guided to recognize patterns of assumptions by which you've been living your life, and to replace unhealthy and ineffective belief systems with truths and principles rooted in your core spiritual identity. Through processes of courageous introspection described in this book, you are empowered to connect with what is vitally important, and live with intentionality to manifest your highest purpose while helping others do the same.

Objective of this Series

The objective of this series is to provide a structured process for experiencing and practicing some of the lessons and approach to conscious living in Relationships That Work: The Power of Conscious Living, A Transformative Communication Approach to Self-Realization, in a group setting with a discussion leader. The aim of the series is for all participants to experience first-hand, some of the processes of self-discovery through transformative communication discussed in the book using tools that create empathic and responsible dialogue while being in the service of the personal development of others in the group.

This is different than most “book clubs” as it involves personal sharing and experiencing transformation in a group setting where trust gets built over time. Thus, it is important for people to commit to attending all meetings and completing most assigned activities.

Ground Rules

-Attend all meetings and participate in all assignments
-Come on time, stay the whole meeting
-Honor confidentiality; what is said in the room is not repeated to others, or discussed later out of the meetings, except with permission.
-No alcohol prior to or during classes

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