What we're about

This is a friendly and positive group yet focussed on helping anyone who wants to change any or all aspects of their life for the better.
You will probably be in your 50's or 60's and not totally happy with the kind of life you have at the moment.
Ask yourself these questions and if the answer to no 1. is NO, then maybe it's time to think seriously about the others.

1. Are you happy - really happy?
2. If not, are you already moving forward and making positive changes in your life?
3. What one thing do you really need to change about the kind of life you lead at the
4. Do you have dreams that are unfulfilled or just forgotten?
5. What do you really want?

As well as coffee/ drinks and chats with like minded people you will be able to learn and use frameworks to help bridge the unwanted gap between 'your life now' and 'your future'.

Upcoming events

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