What we're about

This group provides massage training for those wishing to use it with family and friends. Workshops are given mostly on the weekends in a park, on a beach or at hot springs resorts. The goal is to provide a place where people can come together to learn the techniques and trade massages, helping each other to be healthier and happier. Massages provide deep relaxing experiences when done with right techniques and a caring attitude.

As an experienced massage therapist, I know the best way to keep muscles healthy is not an expensive massage once a while but short daily massages. Ten minutes massages daily will keep your muscles strong and stress low.

Massages bring people closer. For couples, massaging each other daily has positive effects on their happiness and relationship. For singles, massage skill is a good dating tool. When movie is not a good option, give each other a massage.

Members can use the message board to find massage exchange partners. This group encourages activities and conversations about healthy living. You are welcome to organize massage events and general social events such as hiking, camping and diners.

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