Front-End Night: PWA, React Native and Autonomous Front-End Team

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Hey! At Relay42, we encourage knowledge-sharing, therefore, we are organizing an open event. We'll discuss hot technical topics and share our experiences. This autumn edition is dedicated to Front-End, and all JavaScript enthusiasts are welcome to attend, or if you wish, take a mic and be our guest speaker 😊:

We'll have two or three talks this evening, and the agenda is as follows:
18:00 - Gathering, welcome drinks and food
18:15 - Building future-proof PWA prototypes, Oleksandr Tryshchenko
18:50 - Break
19:00 - Autonomous frontend team. Life without QA and designers. Nikita Khristinin
19:45 - Networking and drinks.

Talk details:
Oleksandr Tryshchenko, Relay42
Every technology (well, almost) has its application and tasks it addresses the best. PWAs, in particular, are effective for bi ideas iteration evaluation.
Nevertheless, in case the maturity of the project grows, and more real customers will start using your product - the business would be forced to have a mobile app.
In this talk, we'll talk about my experience with hybrid mobile apps in different companies and projects, what were the outcomes and mistakes we've made and what I learned during this journey.
We will cover:
1. What do we have on the market? PWA, React Native, Cordova, and others. What's the conceptual similarities and differences
2. The rational motivation for moving to native or "native" apps.
3. The general approach of building a PWA which is ready to be migrated to React Native
4. How to enforce mobile-like UX on PWA users
5. Stack routing and state push.
6. Make it feel alive: GPU driven animations
7. IO adapters and device API agnostic interfaces
8. UI adapters and nonconformance of mobile platforms
9. Misc

Want to give a talk? You're more than welcome; please contact us via the form below