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The Rely On Local Business Campaign is part of a "Local Movement" helping educate local people about the importance of supporting local businesses in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. Our vision is to bring vitality back into our community at the local economic level by encouraging people to Shift $20 (http://www.relyonlocalbusiness.com/shift-20-campaign/) a month of their current spending to support local business.

Please feel free to suggest a local Meetup event on our site. The only requirement is that the event must benefit and support local businesses - social and networking events, cash mobs, wine dinners, live entertainment, business seminars, and more.

To be part of your community, you need to do business in your community, shop in your community and live in your community. Together, we can help bring vitality back into our local community by supporting local business in our community!

Our locals-only directory (http://www.relyonlocalbusiness.com/) is a great resource for finding local businesses in your community. And, be sure to get connected with us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/relyonlocalbusiness) to help spread the word about our local movement.

"We are local people supporting local businesses to build a better local economy"

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